24th June 2022

Intraday Stocks for Today – Best Intraday trading stocks for profits

Intraday stock selection can be tough task if you are beginner in stock markets. Hence we have launched this page where you can find intraday stocks for trading today. This page will be regularly updated with all intraday stocks to trade in live market the next day.

How to select stocks for intraday?

Intraday stocks can be selected based on Volume, Open interest, Chart patterns, Price levels and Indicator breakouts on previous day. Indicators are used to predict how to select best intraday trading stocks today.

Risk reward ratio in intraday trading stocks

Intraday trading stocks will have good risk reward ratio if its equal to or more than 1:1 ratio. Example if a trade has 4rs profit potential , then stop loss should be max 4rs . Basically risk is 4 rs and reward is also 4 rs. Hence with proper risk management and money management , you can use this for trading intraday stocks.

How to decide stop loss for intraday trading.

Stop loss is based on Support and resistance concept. When we take trade in intraday , we can find support levels and resistance levels. If we take a stock , we can easily find support and resistance levels using our SR level screener here. Click to access it and find support and resistance in intraday stocks. You can search any futures and options stock and find all support and resistance levels for intraday trading

How to find Buy or Sell signal in any stocks on different time frames?

You can use above screener to open any stock and hence you can click 5min, 15 min and 1 day time frame to find out all technical signals for intraday trading. It will say if a stock is Bullish or Bearish on 5 minute , 15 minute and daily chart. You can buy stock when stock is bullish on 5 min and 15 min in intraday trading