21st May 2022

Option Strategy Builder

Option Strategy Builder

Option strategy builder is a tool by Intradayscreener.com to help you build option strategies for any stocks in just a few clicks. Intradayscreener offers Free option strategy builder tool which is integrated with your stock broker for order placements .

Option Strategy Builder
Option Strategy Builder – Intradayscreener.com

How to use Option Strategy Builder

To use Option strategy builder, you need to click on the symbol dropdown and select the symbol like nifty option chain, option chain bank nifty, nifty 50 option chain and option chain analysis of other stocks.

Once you have selected the symbol like option chain nse or option chain nifty or bank nifty option chain, you need to select Expiry and then click on Add/Edit Strategy button.

On the clicking button, a popup will come with an option chain that will help you buy or sell strike along with selecting the lot size.

You can see the payoff diagram as soon as you add/edit legs to the options strategy

Option strategy builder - Intradayscreener option strategy builder free
Add / Edit strategies on Option Strategy Builder

Once you have created the options trading strategy , you can click on Buy the basket to trade the strategy. You can also save the strategy or load saved strategies using save/load button.

How to use Ready Made Option Strategies

To use the ready-made option strategies, you need to select symbol and expiry from the dropdown. Then navigate to the “Try ready mage option strategies” section and click on strategy as per your view

You need to have a bullish , Bearish or neutral view of Index or stocks. Once you select your view (bullish , bearish , neutral etc) , you will be shown list of available strategies for that view. You can select any strategy and click on it. Automatically strikes will be selected and strategy payoff diagram would be made. You can further click on add/edit button to make any changes to the strategy

ready made option strategy builder
Ready made option strategies

Which Option strategies can be used?

Option strategy builder can be used to build any vertical spread( same expiry). You can use the below ready-made option trading strategies.

  • Long Call : Long call Options trading Strategy is used when you are bullish on a particular stock
  • Short Put : Short put is a strategy of option trading when you are bullish on stock or index and you sell puts so that you may buy them back at lower rates
  • Bull Call Spread : Bull call spread is option strategy in which you buy At the money call and sell out of money call to reduce risk. In this spread, you have limited risk and limited profits on expiry. As soon as you click on bull call spread, automatically strikes will be selected and strategy will be made
  • Bear Put Spread : Bear put spread is an options trading strategy which is directional. Here you make money when market falls down . In this strategy , we buy at the money put and sell out the money put to limit risk. As soon as you click on bear put spread, automatically strikes will be selected and strategy will be made with payoff chart , Max profit and max loss.
  • Call Ratio Spread : Call ratio spread options strategy is a bullish strategy where we buy at the money call and sell twice the amount of out the money call. This strategy has limited downside potential but will give good profits if slight bullish move comes
  • Long Put : Long put is a simple strategy to buy put option when you are bearish on stock. Its a directional strategy. Once you click on long put , it will select At the money put and help you show max profit and max loss along with payoff diagram
  • Short Call : Short call is again a directional strategy where you sell out of money calls to make profit if expiry happens below the strike of sold calls
  • Short straddle : Short straddle is an options trading strategy in which you sell both At the money call and put of same strike. You have unlimited loss potential here but a limited profit potential. Payoff diagram will be shown once you click the strategy name. Here you expect expiry to happen around the strike where you take straddle.
  • Short strangle : Short strangle is an options trading strategy where you sell out the money call and out the money put and expect expirt to happen between sold strikes.
  • Iron condors : Iron condor options strategy is a neutral options strategy
  • Bull put Spread
  • Bear Call spread
  • Put Ratio spread
  • Short straddle
  • Iron butterfly

You can check a list of options trategies here

Visit https://intradayscreener.com/app/option-strategy for getting started with option strategy builder tool . You can track nse option chain, banknifty option chain & also option chain analysis other stocks too.

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