Option Strategy Builder

Option strategy builder is a tool by intradayscreener.com to help you build option strategies for any stocks in just few clicks. Option trading is very popular these days due to limited risk strategies which helps to manage risk of all traders.

How to use Option Strategy Builder

To use Option strategy builder, you need to click on symbol dropdown and select the symbol . Once you have selected the symbol , you need to select Expiry and then click on Add/Edit Strategy button. On clicking button , a popup will come with option chain that will help you buy or sell strike along with selecting the lot size. You can see payoff diagram as soon as you add/edit legs to option strategy

Option strategy builder Intraday screener

How to use Ready Made Option Strategy Builder

To use ready made option strategy builder, you need to select symbol and expiry from dropdown . Then navigate to “Try ready mage option strategies”section and click on strategy as per your view

Ready made option strategies

Which Option strategies can be used?

Option strategy builder can be used to build any vertical spread( same expiry). You can use below ready made option strategies.

  • Long Call
  • Short Put
  • Bull Call Spread
  • Bear Put Spread
  • Call Ratio Spread
  • Long Put
  • Short Call
  • Bear put Spread
  • Bear Call spread
  • Put Ratio spread
  • Short straddle
  • Short strangle
  • Iron butterfly
  • Iron condors

Visit https://intradayscreener.com/app/option-strategy for getting started with option strategy builder tool

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