21st May 2022

Options Dashboard

Options Dashboard

Options Dashboard is a single live market Dashboard with all Options Data insights combined. Using the Options dashboard you can check the detailed expiry wise top 5 stock/ index options list. You can also sort the data in call or put or all types. You can check weekly expiry as well as monthly expiry.


What is Options Trading?

Options trading is a type of trading that allows investors to buy or sell the options of the security (stock or Index). In options trading, you are not obligated to purchase or sell the options at a predetermined price. This overall scenario is done in the options market. Options trading is also called derivative trading.

Features Available in Options Dashboard

The dashboard contains the data on active by contract, active by value, OI Gainers, OI Losers, Price gainers, volume gainers & Price Losers. As of now, we are listing only stock Options and index Options data.

When you select a specific weekly expiry, it will show you the top 5, out of the list in each segment. 

When you select a monthly expiry, it will show you the top 5 securities (indices) as well as the stocks list in the respective segment. 

How to use Options Dashboard

Using the Options dashboard, you can easily track the top 5 stocks & indices which occurred in price gainers, price losers, volume gainers, OI gainers, OI losers, Active by Value and Active by Contract, OI Gainers, OI Losers, Price Gainers, Volume Gainers, Price Losers.

You can also check the data in two weekly expiries and one monthly expiry. The options type can also be sorted by call, put and all.