21st May 2022

Position Size Calculator

Position Size Calculator

Position size calculator is an online financial tool used to calculate how many stocks can buy for intraday trading.

Position Size Calculator

It will suggest the exact position size as per the risk management and money management rules. You need to enter the total Capital, daily risk, overall trades per day, stop loss.

How to use position size calculator

A position size calculator usually has 4 input sessions. They are

  • Total Capital (Excluding leverage)
  • Daily risk in percentage (%) ideally 1%
  • Total number of trades per day (ideally 2)
  • Stoploss for trade

To use the Position Size Calculator, You have to enter the Total Capital you want to invest, Percentage of daily risk, Number of trades per day, and stop-loss for the trade. After entering the values, you have to click on calculate to know the maximum number of stocks you can buy.