21st May 2022

Relative Outperformance screener – Find bullish stocks and bearish stocks

Relative Outperformance screener – Find bullish stocks and bearish stocks

Relative outperformance screener is used to find stocks that are outperforming or underperforming their benchmark index. This is one of the best way to find swing trading stocks for short term tradinf

Relative Strength Scans

What is Relative Outperforming Scan?

Relative outperformance may seem like relative strength, however, they are both different concepts and should not be confused. 

Relative outperformance tells about how much per cent more, a stock has outperformed or underperformed the underlying index in absolute per cent. 

Usually, stocks that outperform in the last 7 days(SHORT) and last 60 days(MEDIUM) are very good for short-term trading. The outperformance column lists how much percentage more it has outperformed or Underperformed Benchmark (Nifty).

Selecting stocks based on Relative Outperformance

If a stock or index is constantly outperforming the Index in the past 2 To 3 months, it’s highly likely it will continue to outperform and such stocks will be buying candidates on the correction. 

For example, let’s say TATASTEEL has been outperforming Nifty for 3 months, It may make a small swing correction and then continue the uptrend journey. 

So, if we look for stocks that are outperforming the index for 5-6 months and then start to outperform in the last 5-7 trading sessions, then most possibly have resumed an uptrend again.


Relative Outperformance Scans

Using an inbuilt Relative outperformance and Underperformance scanner on the intradayscreener website, you can easily select such stocks with a click. Currently, it works with Indian stocks but plans to launch S&P500 stocks as well soon.

Relative Strength Scans

Relative Outperformance Screener – Example

Let us take an example of “TRIDENT” stock which made Outperforming Short & Medium.

Relative Strength Scans

In the above example, you can see that the stock “TRIDENT” gained 45.77% in the last 7 days and 184.34% in the last 3 months. So this stock shows Outperforming Short & Medium. Also, you can see on the chart below

Relative Strength Scans

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