What is Sector Watch Scanner

Sector watch scanner helps to get a birds-eye overview of which stock market sectors are doing well in markets and which sectors are not performing in intraday.

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Sector Watch – intradayscreener.com

Usually, when we buy stocks which are sector movers and from sectors that are doing good, it’s highly likely that stock will outperform and give good returns compared to stock which whose other sector peers are not performing.

There are 13 types of sectors that are PSU Bank, Pharma, Media & Entertainment, Construction, Metals, Automobile, Consumption, Consumer Goods, Bank Nifty, Nifty Financial Services, PVT Bank, IT, Energy.

How to see which stocks of particular sector are doing well?

In sector watch, to check the performance of stocks in a particular sector, you need to click on the respective sector bar on the chart and corresponding stocks data will be shown on the right side. If you check the above image, I have clicked on the Automobile bar, It has displayed all the stocks in the Automobile sector.

When you click on the Broader Index, It will show you the data of all Broader market Indices. The data will be shown of SMALLCAP 250 index, Smallcap 100 index, MidSmallcap 400 index, Smallcap 50 index, Midcap 100 index, Banknifty index, Nifty 500 index, NiftyNext 50 index, Nifty 200 index, Sensex index, Nifty50 index.

Sector gainer of last year

You can also find of stock sectors that are doing good in past year by using sector Charts. You need to click on sectors menu and click sector charts. This section represents last 1 year movement of different sectoral indices on daily charts. You can use this chart to understand overall movement of sector in longer timeframe.

Sector charts and sector gainers for last year

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