21st May 2022

SIP Calculator

SIP Calculator

A systematic Investment Calculator is an Online tool that can help you estimate the returns you can get on your SIP investments.

SIP Calculator

This online calculator will suggest how much capital you need to invest every month to reach your financial goal. The systematic investment plan is one of the best investment options in India.

How to use a SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Calculator usually has three input sessions. Here you can find the data for SIP and Lumpsum investment. They are:

  • Monthly investment amount
  • Expected Return Rate
  • Time Period

Firstly, You have to enter the amount you wish to invest in monthly. You can start your systematic investment plan with Rs.500, according to the capital you want to invest.

Next, you should enter the expected return rate. Finally, you have to choose the period you want to invest in the fund via the SIP. 

After entering all the values, You can see the returns you would get in the specified period. You can change the values entered to find out what works great based on your financial objective.