21st May 2022

Stock quantity position size calculator

What is Position Size Calculator

Stock quantity calculator i.e Position size calculator can be used to find out how many stocks to buy when trading intraday as per Risk Management and Money Management Rules. Just enter Total capital and Stop loss for trade and the calculator will calculate how many stocks to buy.

This is also called a lot size calculator or Position sizing in trading. The Position size calculator is very simple to use and helpful for stock selection.

Position Size Calculator
Position Size Calculator

How to use Position Size Calculator

The Position size calculator can be done in very simple steps.

It usually has four inputs. They are:

  1. Total Capital (excluding leverage)
  2. Daily Risk in Percentage (%) ideally 1 %
  3. Total number of trades per day (ideally 2)
  4. Stop Loss for Trade

To use Position Size Calculator, You need to simply enter the Total capital excluding leverage, Percentage of daily risk, Number of trades per day, and stop loss for trade and click on Calculate to get the optimum number of stocks to buy.