21st May 2022


Top Gainers Stocks

Top gainer stocks are the stocks that have the highest percentage of increase in price during the selected period. Top gainers stocks are You can find top gainers NSE on IntradayScreener’s Market watch Section.

Top gainers NSE - Top nse gainers intradayScreener.com

Top gainers stocks usually continue the momentum and end up rising further usually . Hence its easy for traders to track NSE top Gainers stocks in Intraday and trade in those stocks. High Volatility and good liquidity are other major reasons why most traders use top gainers as part of their trading strategies. Analyzing the stocks can help you decide whether you should buy, sell, or even short the stock.

What are Top Losers?

Top losers are the stocks that have the highest percentage of decrease in price during the selected period. You can find top losers NSE any time of the day, such as pre-market hours, Intraday, or aftermarket hours on Intraday stock screener .

Top losers nse today stocks can be watched for finding intraday shorting opportunities. Analyzing the stocks can help you decide whether you should buy, sell, or even short the stock. 

What is Volume Gainers

In this section, you can find Top Volume gainers and Top Volume losers for Stock Market today. Top volume gainers in the stock market can be used to create strategies to focus on only these stocks for Intraday trading. For example, a combination of stock in the top gainers, losers nice list with high volume and crossing over yesterday’s high will always be a good candidate for longs.
A real-time screener of live top gainers and losers is available here.

Volume gainers NSE - Top volume gainers intradayScreener.com

How to trade Top Gainer Losers in NSE today

Let’s find out why Top gainers and Losers should be in your Watchlist every day in live Intraday trading. Whenever some stocks are in top gainers or losers at the end of day, definitely they would have come in the top 5 gainers list on the day. If you keep watching nse top gainers, top volume gainers nse and high volume stocks, most likely those stocks will show good movement in Intraday trading.

For example, let’s say you trade in an opening range breakout strategy, where you wait for 30 minutes for an opening range and then buy or sell when that range is broken. You can keep watching nse top gainers of FNO stock and see when they are breaking those important ranges.

In the example above , you can see that M&M finance broke the 45 minutes Opening range at 10.am and then volume was good there. Hence , we can see good movement in this stock.

Therefore it’s a great Idea to continuously monitor Top NSE Gainers and losers and remember if a stock is to be top gainer of the day , it will be in the top 5 gainers and losers list at some point before breaking out and that is the point to catch it.

You can watch Top Gainers and Losers NSE and Top NSE volume gainers in realime on our real time Intraday stock screener.