21st May 2022

Volume and Delivery Scans

Volume and Delivery Scans – Find high delivery percentage stocks

Volume and delivery scans will help you to find stocks which are having higher delivery percentage, higher traded volumes and higher delivery volumes.

Volume scans

In Volume & Delivery Scans – End of Day features you can find stocks which are having higher delivery percentages, higher traded volumes, and higher delivery volumes. Usually, when an uptrend or downtrend comes with higher delivery volumes, the move is sustained.

What is Traded Volume in Stock

Volume traded for a script means the total no of shares traded for the script on a particular trading day. Stocks with high volumes represent high liquidity, and traders show more interest in buying and selling that stock.

Traders usually select stocks with higher volumes, but they should not consider a single parameter to trade in stocks. However, high volume stocks nse with price change usually indicate a trading trend.

For example, if a stock volume is higher than the five-day average volume of that stock, it means more traders are showing in that stock, and price movement may come in the next few days.

High traded volumes accompany all the major price movements in stocks. Stock price movements that happen on the back of high volumes give excellent trading opportunities.

The volume consists of two categories. 

  • Number of stocks that are just bought on margin money (without actually taking delivery) 
  • Number of stocks that actually investors have bought to keep for a long term. 

Increase price and volume means that the traders are there for short-term gains and not buying stock for holding. They would have purchased in the morning and squared off in the evening, causing an increase in volume. The price increase volume increase strategy is most commonly used in intraday trading.

Delivery Percentage and delivery Volume

Delivery percentage in a script means % of shares that were not squared off within the same day out of total shares traded. It means % of shares people actually got into their demat account. Delivery-based shares are not meant for intraday. It is generally for long-term holding or positional trade.

A sudden increase in higher delivery percentage indicates that more people are showing interest to accumulate the shares for delivery and it’s not short-lived.

How to Select Volume and Delivery scan stocks using Intradayscreener

  • Firstly you have to check the market trend and stock trend
  • The market trend and stock trend should be in the same direction
  • Here you have to select the high delivery volume stocks
  • The delivery volume will make the trend bullish or bearish
  • Finally, the delivery % should be high for the selected stocks

You can find stocks with an increase in delivery percentage and an increase in volumes. You can also see high volume stocks with how many times the delivery volume has increased. This delivery scanner will help you to understand and analyze security-wise delivery positions effectively.

Volume & Delivery Scans – End of Day – Example on High Delivery Percentage, High Delivery Quantity, High Trade Quantity

Let us take an example of “ENDURANCE” stock which made a higher delivery percentage in the one-day time frame among all stocks.

Delivery Data
Delivery Data – intradayscreener.com

Let us take an example of “TATACOMM” stock which made a higher delivery Quantity in the one-day time frame.

Delivery percentage Data - TATACOMM


Let us take an example of “AEGISCHEM” stock which made a high trade Quantity in the one-day time frame. 

Delivery Data - AEGISCHEM

Volume and Delivery scans – FAQs

What does price increase volume increase mean?

Price increase volume increase means that the volume is increasing, whether prices are going up or down, it is probable that prices will continue their current trend. However, if volume is decreasing, the current trend will probably not continue and a reversal may be imminent.